What Is Excessive Frequency Electrical Stimulation?

The time period “excessive frequency” will get bantered round in medical circles indiscriminately. If one reads “bone therapeutic machine” or a “wound therapeutic machine” or one can “restore tissue and get again to aggressive sports activities” in the event that they use a sure excessive frequency machine for sports activities rehab. acceleration of therapeutic, then what are they saying?

There isn’t a doubt that estim, electrotherapy, can accomplish the above outcomes nonetheless it isn’t sure any type of “greater frequency” is what’s inflicting the modifications. Principally in electrotherapy we now have a core definition of how our physique, particularly nerves, reply to pulses of electrical energy. We get misplaced once we enterprise too far astray from nerves and guesstimate results on the mobile degree. Frequency is nothing however “what number of occasions per second is that this tens machine, interferential machine, Russian stim machine, pulsed galvanic machine, or muscle stimulator going on and off. It is nothing greater than that.

With electrotherapy and nerves the next applies:

1. C fibers, ache fibers/nerves, reply to 1 – 5 occasions per second for a machine to go on and off;

2. Motor fibers, muscle nerves, reply to 1 – 38:

three. Sensory fibers, really feel one thing aside from ache, 1 – 80.

On account of bodily and chemical restraints a machine going on and off greater than that has little or no, if any impact on these nerves. Nonetheless the usage of “excessive frequency” usually refers to a machine going on and off from 1,000 – 20,000 occasions per second so what provides?

What provides is that this. The upper the frequency the better the penetration of present into the physique. The efficacious present/pulses/frequency outlined above is now able to penetrating deeper into the physique and altering /chemical properties of the goal nerves to impact change. The reason being the pores and skin is an excellent protecting machine to inhibit electrical energy getting into the physique. If the machine goes on and off continuously then that resistant impediment is minimized. By minimizing the resistance the clinician is ready to actually goal nerves beneath the pores and skin floor and “polarize” or alter properties so the physique responds to stimulus electrotherapy devices for sale.

So how does excessive frequency assist particularly?

A machine that has excessive frequency can present the identical outcomes as one obtains from implanting a dorsal column / spinal stimulator for ache management however no surgical procedure is critical. The aim of the implant is to beat resistance to focus on the nerve and that resistance is minimized when the wires from the stimulator are implanted. If one modifications the frequency then surgical procedure could also be averted whereas nonetheless getting the identical, or comparable outcomes.

Is a excessive frequency machine that goes on and off eight,000 occasions higher or worse than a excessive frequency machine going on and off 10,000 occasions?

We do not actually know. All we all know is resistance is decreased as frequency is elevated.

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